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We offer a well equipped workshop in the cellar of house 5 (Kullenhofstra├če 58) accessible by all members of the association Studentenwohnheim Kullenhof e.V..

It provides the space and materials for tinkering and for repairing bikes, furniture and appliances.

Please always leave the workshop the way you found it and report damaged tools immedtiately.

Our tools

  • Hammer drill/screwdriver
  • Padsaw
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Soldering iron
  • Drill press (only to be used inside the workshop)
  • Water level
  • Various drills (in typical sizes; for metal, wood, concrete)
  • Various pliers (needle-nose pliers, universal pliers, pipe wrench, wire cutter etc…)
  • Spanners (6-28,30,32)
  • extensive stock of bicycle equipment
  • hammer
  • Screw clamps (2)
  • files
  • Hole saw/core bits
  • folding rule
  • and many more!

Workshop association

The workshop association takes care of the equipment in the workshop. Should you need to contact the workshop association, please choose the topic “Workshop” in the contact form.