Who are we?

We are students who live in the Kullenhof and, on behalf of all residents, organise the re-allocation of free rooms.

Together with the residents, we try to create a harmonious living climate in the corridors and in the residence.

If you would like to move into Kullenhof, please register at the application portal of the Studierendenwerk Aachen and fill out the application as completely as possible.

We will contact you via phone or e-mail as soon as you are considered for a free room. Therefore, please make sure to include a working telephone number in your application.

We would be happy to welcome you soon as a new resident in the Student Residence Kullenhof.

Frequently asked questions

Please contact the janitors. You can reach them via Please always provide them with a concrete description of the problem as well as your room number.

Unfortunately, subletting your room is currently not possible due to the Covid-19-situation.

Generally, 8-16 people live on each floor.

Rooms with a shared bathroom cost 197-212€ per month, rooms with their own bathroom cost 237-242€ per month.

Rooms with a shared bath are 14-15 square meters, rooms with their own bath are 15-17 square meters.

Our dorm has two types of rooms:

  • "Single rooms" (in total: 322) have a washbasin in the room Zimmer and shared showers and toilets on each floor.
  • "Singe rooms with bath" (in total: 157) have their own bath with shower and toilet.

In both cases, you'll share the kitchen with your flatmates.

You must submit your notice of termination to your landlord, usually the Studierendenwerk Aachen. The notice period is usually two months. Please always pay attention to the exact conditions in your tenancy agreement.


Our office hours are Wednesday and Thursday 19:00-20:00.

At these times you can also call us: +49 241 8902 2222

Furthermore, you can always contact us via mail: