The association Netzwerk-Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kullenhof e.V. offers you an extremely low-cost, genuine high-speed access with FTTB (Fiber to the basement) fibre optic technology to the network of RWTH Aachen University. This is not an internet connection like commercial providers.

The network is managed and maintained by volunteers of the association. Like you, we are students and live together with you at Kullenhof! We are always happy to meet new people with interest, with whom we can further maintain and expand the network together. If you are interested, just come and visit us!

Your benefits

Our services at a glance

Super fast

Up to 1000 MBit/s for both download and upload, our fast fiber optic connection makes it possible!

Unlimited data volume

No speed reduction with high consumption! Guaranteed!

Competitive price

Only 5 Euro per Month
(incl. USt)

RWTH Network

Direct connection to the RWTH Aachen University. No use of a VPN necessary!

Fair terms and conditions

With us there are no notice periods.

Fairer Service

by students, for students.

Made with ❤ in Aachen.


New in Kullenhof? Right this way!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions just contact us.

Some devices do not support the type of authentication used by our main network. For this reason, we are providing access to the "kullen-devices" network upon request for a small monthly fee per device. To register a device, head over to the Devices page on

If you are moving out before your contract ends, you must tell the associations. Otherwise, your membership will not end upon you moving out.

You can pre-date your departure date at


We can be reached electronically at any time using the contact form or in person during our office hours.

Join us!

We are always looking for help in managing the network. Whether you are technically interested or not, there is something for everyone. Previous knowledge is helpful but not necessary.

We are looking forward to meeting you!